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I‘ve always been about ‘living your best life’ and with this website decided to share great ideas, activities and brands which I know will also bring joy to your life as it has mine.   My goal is to help you by ‘shaping from the inside out’!

My journey began with a deep-rooted love for all things beautiful and I have yet to find something more wonderful than a great haircut!  With that, I have my own styling salon in Mid-Michigan where my skills are available to transform ‘new looks’ or maintain the classics.  Named ‘Le Fringe 930’ - it‘s a restful business where you can sit back, enjoy a cup of tea with a roaring fire and experience a great result leading YOU to a better life TODAY! :)   

Within this site, I feature businesses which will be worth your time to take a look. My mainstay brand today and one I am proud to represent, is a powerful healing oil, hemp extract.  I’m also a gentle yoga instructor!   Lots of variety but all great things!

Take  the time to read my site you will learn of benefits offered and may even see some ’up close and personal’ photos which depict some pretty miraculous results!   The commonality of all represented is the vitality to feel your best to live the good life of TODAY!  I am thrilled for an opportunity to share my discoveries!  

I’m Like YOU!


I’m a busy working Mom with a daughter near by and my own Mother too!   As many know with our age group, some days we are in a sandwich of stress!  The products I use help to relieve some of this pressure!  

Take a deep breath!


Life is too short to be stressed!  Try simple things to make a big difference in TODAY! 

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